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Need To Refinish Top - Question?


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I made a big one today - I just finished adding the burst to my latest build (dyed the top amber, sealed, 4 clearcoats...then did the burst). It turned out perfect...then as I was pulling the gun away a big drip fell (some lacquer bubbled out of the air hole somehow) and landed right behind where the tailpiece would go...very noticeble. I panicked, grabbed a razor blade and tried to scrape it off, but it pulled off the clearcoat with it, which was now somewhat amber from over spray from the burst. I tried patching with some amber dyed lacquer and made even more of a mess...anyway I think I will start over again. I have never done this before, this is my plan - is this the correct way to go about this;

- sand the top back to the bare wood

- sand to 320 grit (again)

- dye amber (again)

- 4 clearcoats (again)

- add burst (again)

- 1 more clearcoat (to catch up with the rest of the guitar as it is alread up to 5)

- then carry on with clearcoating the whole guitar

Seems like a stupid question, but as I have never refinished (a newly finished guitar) I thought I would ask. Thanks for any help/suggestions.

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