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First Build - Lp Inspired

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I don't post much but I've been reading the forum for the past few months gathering insights before I embark on my first build.

I have always wanted a flame maple top rootbeer Les Paul but can't bring myself to part with the money they go for (though I see they're getting more reasonable). I've also always wanted to build my own guitar from scratch.

I'm heading the good advice of others and putting together a full scale drawing before I go to far (I feel like I've already built the guitar about 10 times in CAD).

My plan thus far is to keep reasonably close to the classic. So far, I've acquired a 4/4"x8"x48" piece of curly maple with a bit of spalt, and an 8/4"x8"x48" piece of nice mahogany for the body (both need to be jointed). It took me some time to find a local supply of mahogany. :D

I'm pretty sure I don't have enough mahogany to get a neck blank out of my piece as well as the body. It would be easy enough to get another piece but I've been pondering a change in direction for the neck.

There should be enough of the flamed maple to get two quarter sawn strips, and I have some nice walnut left over from another project. I'm debating on whether to go with a three piece laminate with the curly maple on the outsides and a walnut strip up the middle (btw, I intend to use a scarf joint). I think this will look slick and give a little more flair.

I'm wondering what the tonal and sustain implications will be with a diversion from the standard mahogany LP neck? I assume it may be a tad brighter than mahogany. I don't anticipate much change in sustain. Any insights?

BTW - I'm planning on an ebony FB but have also been pondering cocobolo, not sure how much that will impact things either.

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I think the Zakk Wylde LP has a maple neck, and there have been maple necked LP's in the past. My guess is it'll sound a little brighter, tighter, but if you don't change the rest (body mass, basic body woods, pickups, neck joint, scale length, hardware), it'll still be Les Paul-ish.

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Thanks Mattia.

About what my thoughts were too. A little brighter and tighter won't necessarily be a bad thing. I tend to favor strat/super strat tones but love the sustain and growl of a LP.

Any thoughts on the walnut center strip with the curly maple neck? Should certainly be strong enough, eh?

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