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Anyone Have Kent Armstrong Stv1 Pickups?


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I was given a Mahogany Strat body that is fitted with Kent Armstrong STV1 single coil pickups in exchange for doing a re fret on a friends guitar. There doesn't seem to be much info on Harmony Central or anywhere else. Has anyone got them or used them as I am curious whether they have the classic strat sound or not?

I am going to fit all the hardware to an Ash bodied strat that I am working on. I may get a neck as well as he thinks he has one as well.

This will be my first foray into a guitar with single coils and I am aware of noise with these. The cavities in the body were shielded with aluminium foil. Does this actually work or is copper the best bet?

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Kent Armstrong single coils are by far there best pickups. I know the Texas ones are very good. There tweed ones are right up there to. I think you will get a good strat sound from them. I am not sure if having mahogany for your body will help you in getting that classic strat tone...

I know that alot of pickguards have the ali shielding but i am not sure about using it for the cavities...

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