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Truss Rod Help Required Please!

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Hi all!

I'm struggling with the truss rod installation on my project.

The guitar will be a 7 string, 25.5" scale length, standard tuning with something like 9's to 52's, tune-o-matic bridge.

I've made a single compression rod to sit in a curved channel in the neck. Then I worked out the size and shape of the channel to router out, and the fillet size and shape. So, I then went on to rout out the shape into a practice neck using homemade router guide rails, and it worked reasonably well.

Here are my two questions:

1. On trying to tighten the rod (which is at the headstock end, and anchored at the body end) without the fillet present, I noticed the rod was trying to bend up out of the channel - shouldn't it try to go deeper into the channel?? Or, is it simply cos I didn't have the fillet there to hold it into a curve?

2. Also, I broke the weld holding the anchor end onto the rod, so I'm seriously considering just buying a rod in an aluminium channel and routing a flat-bottomed channel - could anyone advise if this would be a sensible idea for this instrument?

Really appreciate anything helpful!



**EDIT** regarding question 1, actually I think it might have been the other way round........I'm not certain now!

Perhaps the rod was trying to go deeper into the channel when I was tensioning it........... I'm confused now!

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