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Fixing A "down To The Wood" Ding?


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i have a recent jackson dinky DK-2, that somehow got a pretty gnarly ding on the face side of the lower horn that goes down to the wood. i imagine something must've fell on it during some recent re-modeling. i'm pretty steamed about it. :D

besides refinishing does anyone have any tips on repairing this, or at least making it less obvious?


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Hard to tell if its black or dark brown...and what's a chip and what's glare.

If it were me, I'd leave it alone...but sounds like it's too annoying to you to leave it in that state.

In that case, if its black and the finish chips are missing, I'd seal it off with black superglue (you can get it from Stewart McDonald) just to make sure it doesn't chip any further.

That's the easy part...if you want to progress to a better repair, you're talking about a refinish job.

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