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Wax Ends Of Rosewood Blocks?


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I'm hoping to star som projects soon and bought a few blocks of brazilian rosewood. They didn't come with the ends waxed but is it necessary since its so oily?

Cheers guys

Oily wood needs end grain sealer as any other wood will. However, I am assuming this Brazillian Rosewood is old stock(pre-ban), and it is very dry all ready. Sealing the end grain is most important when wood is drying because it slows the speed at with moisture is transfered through the end grain vs the face grain(helps it dry more evenly).


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Thanks Rich

Its old stock yes and I think its been sized and planed recently. There is some evidence of wax on the parts that have not had the ends squared off. Is it worth re-waxing it all to store again? What products would you recommend.

Thanks for helping a newbie so quickly.

Like I said, I don't think it is required if it is fully dried(freshly planed or not, the wood is pretty much dry, all you have is seasonal changes in moisture that are slight). If you want to do it. You can buy a pretty good waxed based paint sealer(woodcraft, rockler carry these type of products). You could even use a little shellac. It just doesn't need much at this point.


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