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Led's In The Neck.


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I was messaged before about installing leds in the necks of guitars. I am no expert, but have went ahead and gave it a shot years ago. learned a few things. I dont have any pics of along the way, but I am getting better at it.

here is an acoustic I did maybe 10 years ago. it is a complete POS. I have totally torn this guitar to shreds.

no truss rod to worry about here... I have plans for this guitar, it will be just stupid when done.



here is a V something or another I did about 7 years ago. I sanded down a few led's too far and killed the LED output. there are brass inlays in the middle. the others inlays were offset so I did not have to worry about a truss rod when drilling.


here you can see it is a project guitar indeed. Some time ago I think I got drunk and scalloped the whole neck. I picked up some fret wire from stew mac to fix my mistakes. lol. I need to make a press and a tool to press in the fret new wire.


And here is my lastest attempt again. I took the weekend and decided to try and install led side markers. I used a dremel and cut a relief in the side of the neck. I then cut some relief cuts up and down, it would look similar to a kid drawing a scar. Then I tried to drill a hole for the LED. well that almost cost me the fret board. Luckly my dremel came with some odd router type tool thingy. I used it to cut out holes for the leds, and to allow space for the wires.

I then glued the leds in, and used wood filler to clean it up, sanded it, then sprayed it black with one coat. the paint really gets sucked up by the wood filler so you can see ghost marks where I cut this guy up, or it will look like I have no idea how to spray paint.

Leds off


Leds on


close up on


Close up off


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