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25.5 Neck On A 24.75 Guitar


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I was recently given a Dean Cadillac, the cheaper Korean version. It came with a Wilkinson tremolo that looks like it was an aftermarket install. The factory headstock is kind of ugly, not the classic Dean V, and the tuning posts are way off the line of the strings so there are considerable binding/tuning problems. I decided to replace the neck, as it is a bolt on, but the scale is 24.75 which is hard to find. I have a Carvin bolt on neck, that is left over from a defunct project, but it is for a 25.5 scale guitar. Just for the hell of it I took the stock neck off, got out a measuring tape and checked to see how far out of scale the bridge would be with the Carvin neck. To my surprise it was dead on 25.5 inches away from the nut. Did I just get lucky? Is there something I’m missing? Should I bolt it on? Any info is appreciated.

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if it is infact 25.5", then you are lucky. they may have designed the guitar around a 25.5" scale and then the player or whoever decided they wanted a shorter scale, so they had nacks made that would be able to sit into the same pockets.

being a cheaper korean guitar, its probably made in a factory that makes the same guitars for many other companies, and one might have the same shape or something that is easily changed, and one is a 25.5 " neck and the other is the size you have. alot of manufacturers in asian countries "lend" designs and such to other manufacturers. it means more buisness and not having to write up new cam code for the next body. that and they usually get some money for that.

the thing that i would be surprised about is if the neck slot was tight enough, which would be a bit of an issue.

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