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Rewiring Guitar


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Hi everyone, it is my first time to rewire a guitar. I have an import Dean with 2 humbuckers 1 vol 1 tone and a 3way switch. I just bought new pickups, new pots, new cap, new switch, etc... I want to do a full overhaul of the crappy electronics that are in my geet now.

I have a few newb questions though.

I am following the standard diagram on Seymour duncans website. I understand the diagram but I had some ideas to make the wiring easier and I wanted to see if it would work. I have some shielded 4 conductor wire and i thought it might be better to attach all 4 wires to the leads on the switch and then run the single wire to the main control cavity, then run the pickup wires to the main cavity instead of up to the switch. Will that work?

I also have regular wire and some shielded wire for the other connections, which wire should I use? And if I use the sheilded wire do I have to do anything special, like attach additional grounds?

One more question. There is already a wire running from the bridge for the ground. I can't see how I could replace that wire easily as it is coming out of a very small hole. Should I just reuse that wire and not worry about it.

Thanks for the help.

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