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hey guys a question... ill bet somebody out here will know. has anyone ever heard of the brand name "Maestro"? ive never heard of it before.

reason im asking is theres a handfull of them floating around ebay. and i couldnt google anything about em, all links went back to ebay. they are brand new. i just got a fretless 6 string bass, and to be honest for the price payed it is not a bad instrument at all. but im still keeping it under the microscope for the time being. its a neck through and seems to be a 5 piece Maple(?) as far as the wings they seem like a hard light colored wood.

im still asking around about them because i have no info AT ALL about the bass or where it came from. no idea where it was made, who made it, how much it originally cost, actual construction details... nuthin. the seller never answered any of my questions about its history other than that the one i bought was brand new, and it was. it came in a factory box with not a single character of writing on the box or guitar other than the name on the headstock.

its also wired in a way that ive never seen. two soapbar p-ups with 4 pots. 2 are individual volume controls, one is universal tone. the 4rth i have no clue ive spent hours messing with the controls and cant figure out what it adjusts. the bass is passive btw. anybody have any ideas? i can post a pic of the wiring if anybody is interested. ive just started into the whole guitar mod hobby and im still fresh with electronics.

so anybody? beuller?

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The only companies named Maestro that i know of are a foot pedal effects company and some company out of Singapore that makes classical six string guitars so i don't think it's the same brand. But my guess is that it's probably a Korean made bass.

And i have a bass wired with two soap bars and 4 pots, mine has two volume controls, one bass tone, and one treble tone control.

idk if any of this info will help you or not but it's what i know, peace.

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