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Warmoth Truss Rod Route Dimensions

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I need to know the routing depth and width required for a Warmoth GTR1 "double expanding" truss rod if anyone can tell me. I asked the Warmoth sales guys and got the "buy one and measure it" answer......... which was not cool.

Looking for these measurements for specific reason, I am well aware that other suppliers offer truss rods etc..... I have those dimensions already..... and I know its not a double action rod etc. Just need the Warmoth dimensions right now to finish designing a neck for a girl with small hands.


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Well if it is like the LMII TRSE welded single action, it will be perfect, and cost less, and I already buy other stuff there. It looks like it is wrapped with tubing and fiberglass tape, which the cheapest LMII rod is not, and I can swap out the nuts if I want which cannot on a double action rod.

I am just trying to get all the info I can before I make a decision. I have to take in account mounting screws on a Floyd nut so the thinner the better. The Hot Rods are too tall for this neck. If I still had a welder I'd just make my own rod.

Why do you need that particular rod? It's just like the ones from Stew-mac and LMII, and they tell you the dimensions!

Their rod isn't any smaller than the standard rods from LMII.

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