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Another Rewiring Digram Proofread Request


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I was hoping someone could take a look at that and see if anything's wrong. It's my first attempt at a schematic, so I'm sorry if it's kind of messy and disorganized.

All the plans for kill switches I've found involve more complex little switches, but I don't see any reason why an old pickup switch couldn't be turned into a killswitch, seeing as half the time I turn down the volume on my neck pickup and use it as such anyway.

thanks for your help

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Seems to be OK.

Im assuming its a special blend pot made for the purpose with one track that goes 0k, 500k in centre, 500k, while the other goes 500k, 500k, 0k

There's a risk that the blend pot may need its hot and ground output wires swapped - depending on which side of which track is which. You could probably find a diagram for it. Or just try it - if its wrong, youd get zero output in the centre instead of both on full volume.

The kill switch, if it is like an LP toogle, will be off in two positions and on in one.

good luck


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