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Refurbishing My 1960-somthing Framus Hollywood With Alnico Ii Pro Humb

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Framus Hollywood Single Cut a way - 1960's

Aquired it in 2000.

2007. Phase 1 'Complete'

Refurbished neck, binding, frets, gotoh machineheads, jim dunlop straplock system

the guitar plays, but the scratch plate is old (& made out of wood!) and the pickups are on the way out

November 2007. 'Pickups aquired and quaoted on project a fair price'

I Baught a set of Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Humbucker pickups, (Bridge & Neck)

I've been quoted for a custom scratch plate made plus the fitting of the pickups and I hope to get it completed by 2008, so fingers crossed.

The current colour is natural wood, dark brown, and the wooden screatch plate is of a lighter more yellowy/brown colour, so I'm eagert for the screatch plate to replucate that as much as possible, the pickups are both black, I want the pickup surrounders I either want to be some kinda vintage age cream colour that i've seen online somewhere, or white.


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Sounds Cool

Now add pictures and it could look cool.

I have'nt of yet figured out how to post a picture successfully... all the attempts I make don't seem to load... maybe i'll donate or something... but anyway, my profile picture, that's the guitar... well, that's the guitar... in the condition I aquired it in 2000.

since then, (Feb 2007) I had it looked at by feline guitars.


they made it playable again lol, did all the work on the neck mentioned above, installed some really neat gotoh machine heads!

fret's redone, I think I heard talk about giving it a "2007 contempary les paul fret outline", which was cool with me, so I had that.

About what my guitar is. (I aquired this infomation from framus.com due to laziness)

Hollywood - the Franconian solid body

Framus started solid body guitar manufacturing in 1958. The Hollywood model, with which the history of the Frankish solid body guitar began, was actually still a hollow body construction and consisted of the sides frame with the top and back glued on. But out of this quickly developed a simple, massive construction...

but, most of the guitars pictured like mine on that website link, the single cut away Hollywood's that is, have 1 pu, mine has 3!

Framus Vintage Page

true, the Hollywood double cut away has 3, but 3 of the origingal pu's, mine has, 3, but 2 original, and a chromate plated mystery humucker for the neck.

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