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Pickup Cavity Filling?

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Hi ... I play loud and in doing so my bridge pickup goes into this vibration which creates this bassy hum. I then dampen the pickup with my finger and it goes away. So I heard from this one luthier that he puts something underneath the pickups to stop this but forget just what kind of material he uses. Anyone know about this? Any suggestions would be great!


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I'd look for the underlying issue. The pickup vibrating or humming shouldn't happen at any volume. My guess (without seeing it) there is some type of ground issue and when you touch the pickup it grounds it and the hum goes away. The guitar isn't loud, the amp (or PA) is loud. If it's just plan old feedback then that's the nature of being close to your amp when it's at high volume.

If by some chance there is a vibration issue with the pickup it could be caused by the spring tension between the pickup and the mounting ring. A stiffer spring might take care of it. However, the vibration should happen at any volume or even if the guitar isn't plugged in.

Just my two cents.

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