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Guitar Rotating Jig

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I used this jig when I sprayed my ES335 semi-hollow and it worked to perfection for my new Strat project. The strat has a glued in neck as I like my guitars that way plus the sustain improves. The jig lets you turn the body to the required angle for both sanding and spraying. I can lay down a nice wet coat without fear of it running.

I just bought the touch up gun with a 200mm cup and it worked perfectly once I tweaked the settings.

The finish is Mirotone Microcat 1320 precatalysed lacquer with a 50% gloss and I sanded the body to 400 grit and lightly sanded with 400 between coats. The weather has been wet and damp and I have been waiting for several weeks for a day with low humidity. Today dawned a lovely fine breezy day plus the humidity had dropped way back so I went for it. I also installed a extractor fan into the shed window and it did a great job of sucking the fumes out.

Now is the hard part having to wait for a week or so to wet sand and buff, polish etc. Cant wait!




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