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Situation: i had few months ago PRS Custom 24 from 92' (see pics at http://www.rotos.si/prs ) and then i sold it for very good money to one trusty guy B) . Today he visited me and he saw my JEM77BFP (see pics at )When he saw it he was like wOOt . He plays JEM's through all his career (mostly FP's and SK). He offered me that PRS for 1:1 trade. I dont know what to do. I have better feeling with playing that PRS, but i have emotional contact with BFP. If i decide to do that swap, i'll probably look for another BFP. You could imagine how rare is in Slovenia, but PRS is rare also. Most of JEM's in Slovenia went through my hands. I know for a least two BFP's in Slovenia. First one is kinda smashed but it is for sale for 600$, second one is mint like mine but not for sale :D . I've got mine about two years ago in Croatia for 950$. Please help me to decide.


P.S. Also check Brian's quick photo shots of my new Carvin DC747C ( see pics at http://www.rotos.si/carvin . I watch these pics every day before sleep :D

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Guest AlexVDL

Oh my god that's a nice Carvin! it rocks rock

As for the prs and bfp ibanez.. I should stick with the ibanez, but it depends on what kind of music you play.

I love floyd rose tremolos so I would take the ibanez. PRS is nice but not as rare as your blue flower pattern!

The conditions yours is in, I wouldn't trade it with a PRS dragon! wOOt

Greetings from Holland...

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