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Stew Mac Truss Rod

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hi, this may be a stupid question, but i was wondering when installing a stew mac hot rod 2-way truss rod, should the brass block that both rods are screwed into, the block nearest to the adjustment nut, (1/8" hex nut), should that block be installed under the fretboard, or should the block be forward so it's under the bone nut? thanks

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I install it so that the block ends where the headstock angle start. So it's mid-way under the fretboard and the nut. I like the adjusting nut to be a little further for easier adjustments.

I don't think that would be problematic. The blocks are supposed to be installed tightly in the channel. Tension is applied between the blocks, against either the neck or the fretboard so the blocks needs to be installed firmly and stay completely flat when the rod is adjusted.


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