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Strat Series Wiring


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is it possible to wire a strat[with a readily available 5 way]to get:

neck/middle series

middle/bridge series

neck/bridge series

neck/middle/bridge series

well I guess I only need 4 postions[tele mod switch maybe?]

I currently have these combos with 3 on off switches[dpdt]as well as each pickup individually,but the series positions are the sounds I want with ONE switch-thanks

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This wiring works like you want, with a Tele 4-way.

Having two tone controls is not possible anymore so pot #3 becomes a dummy. Or it's reused, for example for something like Armstrong did with his superstrat circuit (drawn in grey, meaning it's optional).

Grounding hasn't been detailed, to keep the diagram simple.

Good luck, one advantage you already have is you heard the combinations and know what you want.

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