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Convert 6 To 8 String

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I have a 6 string esp viper,set neck. I was thinking of having it converted to an 8 string 28.625 scale(basically making a new neck).Other than the obvious (bridge,pickups,etc...) Is this a possible scenario. I don't mind if it has to be bolt-on or put it back as set neck.

Could anyone help me on this,advice problems,am I just totally crazy!!!. I will have someone do the work for me, I don't think I can swing this one.


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For what it will cost to have it modified (new neck, new routing, new hardware, lots of hole filling and probably a refinish) you would be better off making your own guitar or having someone custom-make it for you. In order for this project to work you'd need:

A new neck (much wider and a bit longer)

-new neck angle

Body modifications to fit new neck

-rerouting and regluing neck pocket


-filling bridge and tailpiece post holes

-possibly would need to fill pickup holes for rerouting or to make room for neck

-rerouting pickup holes


-new bridge

-new tuners

-new pickups

At that point, you're actually doing more work than making the guitar itself.

My recommendation would be, if you're not willing to do much work yourself, buy an 8 string, or buy an 8 string neck from Doug at Soulmate Guitars (bolt on, set, or neckthru) and get 50% of the work out of the way. Then you might be able to either a) make a body yourself or :D pay someone to make a body and put everything together, then finish the whole thing.

Regardless, turning a 6 into an 8 is not recommended.

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I contacted Doug and he can do the neck. I would have someone make me a custom,but I have been doing some price checking and have found that even with Doug making the neck and all the hardware.I could get all for less than 1000.00.A custom shop wants 2500-3000. I guess I would have to figure out if I can route the neck pocket out of my viper.How would I go about doing this?? Is there a standard depth, length for neck pocket??

Thank you for the post and for leading me to soulmate guitars.

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Yeah, you're best off making a new body to go with your neck. The time spent filling holes, rerouting, and finishing would be better spent making an entirely new body.

Also keep in mind you won't be able to get an 8-string Tune-O-Matic style bridge... generally the only available 8 string bridge is the Hipshot one, which is a flatmount Fender-style hardtail, so your neck angle will be important.

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