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Calculating Even String Spacing


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this is what im doing im attempting to mark out even gap spacing between my strings (compensating for string guage) on this fretboard. but i dont know how to really go about it

one idea is add the string guages together, add the spacing frrom edge of the fretboards and divide by 7. but im not sure

and i thought before i blew off and hour or 2 doing calculations that i would come to you guys for advice, suggestions

also ehre are some random specs if someone wants to get into specifics

String guages

from thin to thick in mm

.2286 .2794 .4064 .6096 .8128 1.0668 1.3208

width at the horizontal equivilent of my nut - 48.72mm

spacing to edge of fretboard - 3.5mm

any ideas?

Kenny :D

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String up, space by eye, check measurements with caliper, mark, cut.

Or get one of those StewMac nut spacing doodads.

What mattia said, this is not a big deal.

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