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I Really Need Expert Opinions


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Alright here it goes, im going to try and say this as clearly as i can:

I mapped out my new fretboard with a certain taper (x for funs sake) this fretboard also has fanned frets measured directly on the distance of taper X....because im told this is the most accurate way, from many sources

after this was done i proceeded to find ratios between the nut width and bridge with on my favorite guitar. i then found saddles that give me a close ratio for nut/bridge width

i ordered these saddles got accurate measurements and layed them out on cad allowing for adjustment on my bridge.

now heres the problem i face. i did this formula.

2(distance to edge of board)+thicknesses of all string guages = Y

then subtracted "y" from width at nut and proceeded to divide by 6 (since its a 7 string guitar and there are 6 gaps)

now i found otherways to do this, but i didnt get any that put my 4th string on the center line. this method woked

and gave me an even

string spacing, and compensated for the string guage. but heres my question.

the spacing on the 7th stirng to the edge of the fretboard is about 1mm less than it is supposed to be. which is fine by mebecuase it still leaves a comfortable distance. andthe 1st string is right aobut where it should be.

but i was wondering i measured to taper on my fretboard according to a 3.5mm gap to edge of fretboard and im shy of that mark. normally i wouldnt be concerned but i am wondering will this cause me to be able not to get accurate intonation from my fanned freboard?

is it even significant that there is this discrepency in spacing to the edge (REMEMBER, FANNED FRETBOARD MEASURED ON THE TAPER)

maybe someone here could shed light?

:D :D


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