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Kerfling Didnt Take To Sides Well

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I just tested out the back kerf lining, and I took some kerf off with a little applied pressure. Looking at the side wood, it didnt seem to get any glue on them. Wow,- I guess I need to look for more squeeze out? Will I ruin the kerf that came off if I try to take the glue off? Im thinking just heat it with aluminium foil and an iron. This was dissapointing, I thought I was getting the hang of HHG.

There seems to be little on the side wood that I can see... :D

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Don't get discouraged in using HHG. There is a totally different mindset required when using HHG but the benefits are many. It sounds like you realized 2 important things...the courage to do it over and make it right and the fact that you didn't use enough glue. Congratulations!

Try working in small blocks of time when installing kerfed liners. I do half of the guitar at a time and glue up the liners in 4 small sections. I also try to have the gluing surfaces pre-warmed with a simple hair dryer before applying glue and mating the surfaces. Warm parts mean longer open time.

Hope this helps.

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