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Fret Slot Depth


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Being my first fret job, I'm a bit confused. I have a 16" radiused, pre-slotted board from LMI. I've sanded further with a radius block so that the center thickness is now .230". Even so, the fret slot depth is still at .135", and the fretwire's tang is .074". Is this gap still too much and I need to keep sanding, or will it not matter if gluing/filling with ebony dust when installing the frets?

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Don't sand more. Your fingerboard at the sides is somewhere around 5mm, which is a good thickness for a fingerboard. What alarms me, is the depth of the fret slots. I never slot deeper than 2mm, after sanding the board to +-6mm. I have a very small gap to fill. I use black SuperGlue from Stewmac.

Yours being 3.4mm after sanding the board to 5mm, that is very deep for fret slots. That means you have 1.6mm under the frets. That's a good gap. To reduce it, you would have to sand down the board under 5mm, which is on the thin side. Don't do that.

That shouldn't be a problem though. It's just that the gap will more visible. But what do you guys think? I think they went a little too deep with the slotting...

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