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stupid router!!!!!

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OK i finally went and got me a decent router (plunge router to be exact), got my 3/8 bit to do the lions claw trem.....well lol i didnt pay attention to see that brian used a trim router but thought "no prob i can still do this"....wrong lol when trying to measure the the lines for the tail end of it, i couldn't cause the of the round piece on the router but again my impatiant self wanted to press on. It looked like it was going well till i started noticing my grooves wern't strait not bad that you'd look at it and go "ssssss man you messed up bad" but bad enough for me to want to just drive that router through the guitar lol. Anyway..... i routed the different layers which wasn't bad, looking at it i can tell its not gonna be exact but to the average onlooker the wont know the difference. All in all i was disapointed in myself for getting in a rush ( lol a problem i have a lot of ) but with alittle T.L.C. for the rest of this part of the project it should come out ok :D ...i hope lol

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