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Installing a graphite nut


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I cut my own graphite nut on my strat, the key is to have the right gear, this webpage might help you out some.http://guitarrage.virtualave.net/guitar/re...pairs/nuts.html I would say patience is the key to the whole job, just go slow and take your time, only bad thing about graphite is having to use a lubricant, I think graphite should be lubricated but thats my own experience. I like some stuff called guitar grease wich i get locally at my shop or you can get it at stewmac

http://www.stewmac.com/cgi-bin/hazel.cgi?a...atalog/sku.html or im sure elsewheres. Oh forgot to mention having the correct nut files works wonders, I was lucky enough to borrow some from a local shop. I play with very very light strings, 8's but if you are going to use a more normal guage, like 10's then you might consider a precut nut. Hope this helps some what, if you cannot borrow some nut files, I swear it makes it easier if you use files specifically for slotting nuts than just a hacksaw and regular files then im sure stewmac or warmoth can hook you up. Ebay too. Good luck. BTW I found cutting my own nut to be a bitch, I might have someone do it for me this time, I am looking at 2 nuts to have to deal with at some point right now so Im not looking forward to it, it was the most difficult part of my strat project.


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