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Radiusing Question...

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I been wanting to use either a schaller 455 bridge or a tune o matic bridge.

But... they have 12 inch radius's. I'm interested in a 15 or 16 inch radius. On the stew mac website it says the you have to shape it to match the fretboard radius; but it doesn't go into detail how to do it. So have any of you done this or know how to do it?



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Well, The way I would do it would be to get it all strung up on the finished guitar, and set the action on the high and low E strings to where I wanted it.

Then, I woud use my nut slotting files to lower the slots in the bridge saddles of the middle four strings until I got the correct action on those strings.

After that, I would take the strings off, and using a small flat file, file down the tops of those saddles a bit so the strings don't sit so deep in them.

This last step is not entirely necessary, but a good measure. However, if the saddles are plated with chrome, etc. you may want to skip it. Looks like those are plain brass, though, and you can get tunomatics with unplated brass saddles, as well.

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