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Reporting A Potential Error In A Tutorial


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Hi, first thx for this nice guitar resource site !

I read the article here about how to identify the color codes of your humbucker:

the problem is that the there is 2 inversions during the test making the result consistent (but inverted)

I mean by this that it's imho the contrary, i.e: when the + wire is at the good place in the voltmeter(or in phase would you say),

and when you first tap on the coil you get a small neg value,

and then when removing it fast you get a positive value (the removal test is more reliable imho).

For it to work well, you have to put a screw for about a second, and remove it very fast, and observe if the value is positive.

If it's the case, it means that your 'hot' wire is in the plus plug of your voltmeter,

so at the contrary of what have been said int the tutorial, it is in phase.

To be sure of this take a single coil, and make the test you should confirm that easily as the gnd wire is easy to identify and is the '-'.

The reason why the result is still consistent and working in the tutorial is because the coils polarity are both inverted so the coil works still fine this way,

there would be a prob though if u mix a humbucker with a single coil, which is what i exactly do currently :D

Hope this will help,


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