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Trouble Fitting Tuners Into Tuning Peg Hole

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My guitar had Sperzel locking tuners fitted a while ago, and basically the holes needed drilling out a few mil bigger so the Sperzels would fit in correctly.

Well anyway, i need to fit the original tuners back in. The nut that fits over the actual tuning post and into the hole on the face of the headstock wont fit in snug anymore. The Sperzel one was barely a couple of mm bigger, so the original one being smaller fits in the hole very loosely.

Im not sure of the exact name for the parts so il post a pic of what i mean:


The one on the left is the one from the original tuners and on the left is the Sperzel. Basically i wonder if anyone could tell me what i can do to get the original nut/plug to fit in tightly? Its meant to just push straight into the hole and fit tightly, but obviously since making the whole slightly larger it just wont fit in the way its supposed to.



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