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Recesed Original Edge

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Okay, quick quick QUICK question...

I bought some plans from Guitarplansunlimited and he said he couldn't find any info on recessing the bridge so we just raised the fingerboard...


I have decided to atleast try recess it, if it goes bung i'll sell the edge and put in an OFR or something similar.

In the plans my body was 1 3/4" and the fingerboard was 1/2" above the guitar.

Right now I have a 1/4" fingerboard and the neck is flush with the body, which is now 2"

If I recess the bridge 1/4", it would be the same as having a 1/2" fingerboard, Right?

Cheers :D

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But you must consider the effects of this change.

First off, the strings will be closer to the body. Which means your picking will be closer to the body. Which means you could inherently scratch up the body cuz 1/4-3/8" above the body is not a lot of room. Will you plan for a pickguard? Are you a strong picker?

Also, your pickups will protrude from the body less to meet the strings at your comfortable spacing. So your pickup pockets might need to be deeper.

Otherwise, you should be fine doing this.

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