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Homemade Guitar + Red Special Guitar Meet Up - 12th July

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For those who have made there own guitar, or people who know of the Red Special guitar made in the 1960's by Dr Brian May of Queen, and people who have made a copy of the guitar, this is the event for you!

The event will be in Buckinghamshire Near Aylesbury. (south east)

Date: 12th July


12:00 - Stalls (Setup time)

12:30 - Public

End time:- 6pm


Venue address:

Butlers Cross Village hall

Butlers Cross



HP17 0TX

What the event will include is..

- Homemade guitars from Fans

- Commercial Brian may guitars

- A few stands selling / advertising

- People able to play on stage with their guitar.

- Able to meet new people, and exchange tips

- Try equipment, effects, amps ect…

- Meet new red special fans

- Exchange building tips

- See how to build a guitar

- Jam sessions throughout the day

- The event has also been opened up to people who have made any sort of guitar, Fender, Gibson, PRS or even there own

Format of the event.

Stalls- Displays of Guitars

- Amplifiers

- Effects peddles / Treble boosters

- Show off your Setup

- Allparts Uk - Taking orders for parts (TBC)

- A-strings (TBC)

- Selling

- Building of a Red Special

(At some stalls it maybe possible to try other peoples guitars, Setups, but please respect owners wishes if they don't want to)


- Ac30's set up in a Brian May Fashon

- Drums

- Bass (*if anyone would like to play bass let me know)

I hope this year people will all get a chance to go up on stage and show off there guitar, and gear.

- Introduction

- Tell us about yourself

- About you Gear? Why certain boosters?

- What made you a fan of the guitar?

- Tell us about your guitar?

- Demo of the Guitar + Gear

(Stage will be recorded, and video recorded. You can opt out)

Entrance Fees:-

-£2 - Genaral public viewing

-£4 - Displays / Stall

Further details on - www.Rs-onevision.site.vu

For a stall contact with full name, and what you bringing to - Redspecial_tk@hotmail.com


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Last night very late!!! 2.30 am, i finally uploaded the directions.

All directions to the meet up are now on the website!

Link is on the home page under news.

Or go to the RS meet up page, at the bottom of the page theres a link in red.


I have 11 people coming, Still need more though so please!!!! message me, i'v messaged in total 370 people.

contact me if coming - redspecial_tk@hotmail.com

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Just thought i would give some details of gear....



Bmg Super (possibly 2)

Rs Classic's

Kz pro (Possibly 3)

Kz Jnr - not 100% confirmed.




Homemades (possibly 7)


Ac30's (Possibly 5)

Vox Valvetronics

Vox Brian May amps

Vox Ac1

Boosters and effects:-

Pete Cornish - TB83, TB83 Extra, TB83 Duplex

Greg Fryer - 2005 Touring, 2006 Touring

Foxx Phaser

Boss CE-1 Chorus


Guild TB

Line 6 Pro Pedal Board

BM Digitech pedal

Other Guitars:-

Telecaster - 60's copy

David Gilmore Strat copy



2 ac30's

Presentations during the day:-

- Rs Restoration Talk, by a well known member of the board, will also be bringing his Homemade guitar, which Brian May himself has tried. Talking about the involvement he had with the RS restoration and also visiting Brian's House.

- Building Talk + Presemtation - I will have a full size body of an RS which you can see the Chambers, The Oak cores. I will have a Laptop running with pictures on slide show with presentations on it all day. I will answer any questions anyone has about building, so please come and bring your projects!

Stalls are avaliable still, If you wish to come please message me and I will reserve a table.


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