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Sanding My Archtop

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Hi, I have a Tokai FA70, hollowbody archtop guitar, copy of ES175.

It plays and sounds great but the varnish is very shiny and makes the body

look more banana yellow than natural wood.

I'd appreciate any advice on the pros and cons of sanding the finish completely

off and getting back to the wood.

How will this affect the sound? (if at all)

What are the dis-advantages of having a guitar with no varnish at all, just plain wood?

Many thanks

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1) it'll get horribly filthy without any finish

2) It's probably a laminated top/back guitar, which means if you sand through you'll see the layers. Not pretty.

I say leave it. If you must, you can consider going with a satin/matte finish by dulling the finish with fine steel wool (or better, synthetic wool, so you don't get steel particles stuck to pickups and the like)

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