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How To Bend Pre-cut Fretwire?

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How do you Bend/shape an already cut Fretwire [2-5/8" long pieces] to a correct radius for mounting on the Fretboard?

The http://www.zdguitars.com/tutorials/info_fretbender.html F.I. only seems to work on longer pieces, not short ones.

Anyone Sells Pre-radiused Dunlop 6100?

I use this tool, although with a little work you could easily make your own out of a suitable plier-type tool, just notch it for the tang and crown of the fretwire. (This helps avoid twisting the fret as is inevitable with just a pair of regular pliers - being smooth ground helps avoid marring it needlessly.)

LMI has started carrying Dunlop wire, and it's in pre-bent coils, like the rest of their wire, at least to my understanding. However, I don't think they carry the 6100. They do have the Dunlop 6105, which is the same height but not quite as wide.

One of the regular wires they carry (part number FW110) , which I believe is made by Van Gent, is close in size to the Dunlop 6100, - same width, and just a hair taller. Might suit your needs, although check the metal content if that's important to you, if I remember correctly, some of their wire is 12% nickel-silver and some is 18% (like Dunlops)

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