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Tele Control Plates

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Hmm. It doesnt damage the chrome? Crack the finish?

Do you think theres even room for four?

I drew up a plan for a future guitar last night, a jaguar redesign. I plan on experimenting with electronics on it, and 4 knobs would be very helpful, although I could get by with three.

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No problems with the chrome. I put a piece of masking tape down before drilling, just in case.

I don't know about fitting four on there -- maybe if you can find an undrilled plate? Don' know where though. You can ditch the switch, the knobs will cover up most of the hole there.

Or try the plate from a jazz bass --they're already drilled for four knobs. You can reshape that to look like a tele plate too -- again, use masking tape to protect the chrome. After that, you can polish the new edges until they shine almost as much as the chrome --you'll barely be able to see the difference.

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Guitarfetish sells un-drilled Tele plates for those who want custom controls. I think if you went with 16mm (or even 12mm) pots, and small knobs you could probably fit four in there, but it'd be a bit cramped for your hand.


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I never really liked the look of concentric knobs... And I always thought they would be annoying to use.

I decided what to do. Four knobs, and a 3-way mini switch at the top. Should fit well, with mini pots. I'll just drill the holes with the blank tele plates pierce suggested. I decided to take off a pickup, so this works perfectly now. It doesn't matter so much that it will be a little cramped. The top knob (volume) is gonna be the only one to see frequent use anyways, the other three will be for effects.

I just posted a layout here.

The parts on the guitar are not perfect porportions at all in the image, dont take any of that into account ; )

I think this issue is solved. Thanks!

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