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Novel Neck Joint In Cheap Asian Guitar

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I have just taken apart a very cheap asian guitar, and thought I'd share how they make the neck joint. The guitar has a plastic bowl shape back - like Ovation guitars. Here's a picture of the body where the neck bolts on, with the neck removed, and the butt of the neck itself.

As, you can see, the neck bolts on to 4 pillars molded into the plastic back. The sound board is just ply. You can also see the wedge shim they have added to the heel of the neck to achieve the neck angle. btw it wasn't enough, I will have to add just a bit more.



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Yea, but it friggin rocks, right? :D

Err, no, not exactly B)

But it is a good candidate for stuffing around and experimenting. Don't want to ruin a good instrument while I am learning.

I bought a cheap tele copy to experiment on, and the damn thing turned out to be a great guitar to play, and, after some fret cleanup, I use it as one of my regular guitars. It's often the story with me - I can't bear to use something for parts if it works OK to start with :D

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