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Truss Rods And Wood Choices.

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Hi. I was wondering what the difference between the two are, and how it effects the guitar in general.

Also, what does the difference in lengths of the truss rod do?

My second question, is where do I go to buy wood? I assume it's a touch more difficult than going to a lumber yard, or is it really that easy?


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1) Use the search.

2) Your questions could hardly be more vague if you tried - 'difference between the two' what? Types of truss rod? What two types of truss rod? Between wood and truss rod choices? That's essentially comparing apples to bricks.

Here's a few truisms, though: everything you do affects tone. Whether it's significant/audible or not is a different story.

Truss rod length depends on neck length; longer neck, longer truss rod needed. The 'standard' sizes work well for most guitars.

Where to buy wood: lumber yard is fine, certainly for bodies, ditto for neck wood if you know what you're looking for and are sure it's perfectly dry (ie, kiln dried, been lying around for a few years might help). Otherwise hit up one of the many tonewood dealers out there. Google is your friend, but a few names include Larry Davis at Gallery Hardwoods and Gilmer Woods.

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Right, that helps.

Easy: use an adjustable truss rod unless you have very, very, very good reasons not to. A 'non adjustable truss rod' is just a bar of metal or CF or metal tubing used to stiffen a rod. You can't adjust it if the neck moves due to humidy or temperature shifts. You can't adjust it to suit different playing styles, different sets of strings, etc. You can't correct any unwanted movement.

Regular rods: single action works well for most necks, but can only correct upbow. I build with CF in my necks, and have had two that didn't bow enough under string tension alone, so I'm glad I use dual action rods in my necks - they can adjust upbow AND backbow. Rarely ever have to adjust backbow (or a flat neck that needs more upbow), but it's nice to have the flexibility. Add the fact that there is no 'perfect releif', and that every player has his or her own preferences, and the case for an adjustable truss rod grows stronger.

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