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Templates For F-holes


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OK, so I needed some f-hole templates. This turned out to be trickier than I thought. I printed out the shape and cut out the hole with a knife. I then traced around the hole in the paper onto 5mm MDF. Then I drilled some holes at all the points that I though might be difficult, to allow room to turn the jigsaw. I fitted the narrowest (front-to-back) jigsaw blade I had to my electric jigsaw to allow max manouvreability(sp) and very carefully started cutting. At times it seemed I was just turning the saw on the spot as the front edge of the blade ground round the tight circles at the ends, but I got there - fairly neatly too. A minimum of filing had it looking good.

Then, just to prove the template would work, I used it to cut some 12mm MDF. I had to pack the template up a bit, but I got there, and now I have 2 neat templates at different thicknesses - plus I've had a bit of practice using an f-hole template before I attack a real guitar with it :D

Here's how they turned out


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