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Fixing A Crack

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well im having a bit of problems with finishing my custom strat so until then i went out and bought this Charvel for $80, its got the same body shape as a stratocaster with a diferent headstock but the problem is its made by jackson... this guitar is definately a project guitar, the fretboard needs re finishing, and the neck and body are filled with chips and scrapes and its even missing one of the tone knobs (but still works even though the wiring is incomplete) But when i took it apart the other day i realized that there was this fatty crack that stretched from the pick up cavity to the tremolo bridge cavity and goes right through the bridge pin as well so it doesnt fit snug and falls out when i tip the guitar upside down.. What would be the best most effecient way to fix this crack? cuz it has a serious affect on sustain and tone. Im getting some new tromolo springs and new pickups and hopefully ill be able to sell it for a profit but nobody will buy it if they find out its got a fatty crack, please help...

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Can you route a channel, removing all of the crack, and glue in a new piece of wood?

hmm i guess i could try that, the crack doesnt go completely through to the back fo the body, and just as i was taking a look at it i realized that the other side the exact same thing is starting to happen, so it wouldnt hurt to replace that part as well, this guitar is a bout 30 years old and i can tell nothing has been done to improve it or keep it in good shape since then, now i just gotta wait for a day when it isnt raining to get started on it

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