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Surf Green And Seafoam Green Color Codes


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I'm planning on having a local auto body shop paint a guitar body for me. I'm still debating whether to go with Seafoam or Surf Green, but I figured that the best way to specify the right color would be to give these guys the Dupont color codes -- does that seem like a good move? I could give them a picture, but the images I see are all over the map between those 2 colors and there is a lot of variation among cameras, screen depiction, and so on. What they see on their computer screen might not be what I'm after.

I wanted to verify that I'm giving them the right information. Awhile back, someone here posted this helpful link for Vintage Fender colors:


That site has all the old Fender color samples. I believe they also used to have links to the auto color sheets, but I can't find that link anymore. Fortunately, I saved the color sheet images, which have a different color code than the DUCO codes given for each color. From that site, it looks like Surf Green is associated with the 1957 Chevy, DUCO 2461 (or from the Chevy color sheet, code DAL-42068-DQE). The Seafoam is apparently associated with the 1956 Buick, DUCO 2253. However, on the Buick color sheet, it is called just "Foam Green" with color code DAL-41940-DQE. I'm suspicious of the one from the chart because the color shown as Foam Green doesn't look much like the Seafoam I'm accustomed to seeing.

Could someone advise me as to which numbers to provide the paint guys (DUCO numbers or the longer ones from the color sheets), and whether I have the correct numbers. I'll probably wind up going with Surf Green because I like the looks of the surf green Jeff Beck strat.



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Curtis did the research to come up with correct codes for those colors. If he says it's right, as far as I'm concerned there's no question.

By the way, he makes awesome pickups. :D

EDIT: You can get those colors and others in nitro lacquer rattlecans at www.reranch.com .

Right -- it seems like he really put some work into assembling all that info and it's a fun site. But which of those code numbers would be the best one to pass to someone else -- the DUCO number or the other number that appeared on the color code charts (that is, DUCO 2461 vs. DAL-42068-DQE for Surf Green)? Actually, there's even a third number on the auto paint sheets -- it gives "797A" for Surf Green under the Paint Code column. So I'm confused which of these multiple numbers is the one that a paint guy would need to mix the correct paint.

By the way, I just finished with one rattle can job, so I thought that rather than try another one myself, I'd see how the auto guys do. It's quite a project for me to clear an area for a dust-free spraying area and I don't have a good respirator (only a dust mask). If these guys screw it up, out comes the sandpaper and I'll start over.



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