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Removing A Broken Strap Button Screw From Body

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There are tools to remove broken screws...but since I don't have them either...

If the button will hide it, some needle nosed pliers might just get in next the screw enough to get it out a little, then use the pliers to twist it out. Alternatively...careful use of a dremel or something might allow you to get a bit of a crude slot in the screw to bring it out a little...enough to get a hold of it with the pliers...

Watch the finish...perhaps take precautions like taping around the screw against accidental plier slippage!

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There are tools to get broken screws out. There are two different types. They are sold via the web.

Look up screw extractor on google. Plenty if info.

We use them in boat building. The screws we use are soft and break easy.

The tool is basically a metal tube that is split, it has teeth on the business end. You put it over the broken end of the screw and with your drill in reverse, it threads over the screw. The tube is smooth, so once you have about half the depth, you turn the thing to forward and the screw comes right out. It leaves a larger hole, but it's a clean hole. You fill or use a bigger screw.


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