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Table Saw For Fret Slotting


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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a suitable table saw (not very large as my so-called workshop is just a room in my appartment) as I'm tired of using Stewmac's hand saw. I already have all the templates I need and yesterday I found an excellent tutorial on this page about this set-up. My only question is if a small bench top table saw like this one

Jet JTS-8


is good enough as it has one major problem with the sliding carriage I plan to build: mine will only have ONE runner as this table saw has just one slot instead of the usual two. Has any of you tried this? I don't know if the whole carriage will be strong and rigid enough to keep the fingerboard and template perpendicular to the blade. I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions as I'll probably have to buy a larger model or keep using that tedious hand-saw method.

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