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Problem With Hhh Strat Wiring.


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Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with wiring a new guitar I'm building. The wiring diagram I used is this, as I'm using GFS lil killer pickups and they use the same color scheme as the seymour pickups. My problem is that only the middle three positions of the 5-way pcb switch are working. I get nothing on the outside positions, yet the everything seems to work correctly in the middle 3. I'm convinced that there's something wrong with the wiring on the switch, but seeing as all I know how to do is solder correctly I can't troubleshoot a wiring diagram on my own. I would really appreciate some help, as I'm pretty much utterly and completely lost. Thanks.

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I know the 5 way PCB switch has different wiring connections compared to a standard Strat switch because I changed mine to a stock strat from a PCB type when it gave problems.

I sat down with my multimeter and worked out which contacts had continuity in each position. Try this link for a range of diagrams



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I've tried several different wiring schemes for pcb switches, but I end up with extra wires floating around or missing sound on random switch positions.

I think that in the end it would probably be better/easier to just buy whatever kind of switch that is used in the seymour diagram. I think it's one of these, but I'm not to sure. Any suggestions as to which type of switch I should get?

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