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Need Help With Wiring Holes


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hey need help to learn about the method used to clear out the wood in a solid body guitar, which the wiring goes down into that connects the pots to pickups etc.

After one drills out the pick up cavities in lets say, a Gibson Style body, the wiring has to go some where right, so i see in some pictures, very small drill holes or the like in the wood at the base of the cavityat one side but a conventional drill would not fit such a place because the width is only a few centimeters or 1 1/2 inched wide, So my question is what tool/drill/utensil is used in such a place.

How do you make wiring channels in gibson style guitars, and that it hasn't been made of glued together slices? i know that if you have a big rectangle cut in where the neck goes (in a gibson) you drill with a long drill bit, straight through to the bridge cavity. But then you have to make another wiring channel to the toggle switch and to the pots, how is this done?

In solid blocks of wood which Ibanez style guitars have been made, the person does this: cuts shape, carves edges adds definition, routes cavities and neck slot, THEN the neck is crafted and pics later have the wiring channels drilled but without explaination of what tools or procedure was use. The angle is far too awkward to drill from the top so how is this done in a solid, one block piece of wood?

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Welcome flamev...

I am not following what your problem is...perhaps a pic...

is this a guitar you made...what kind of guitar...what kind of holes...how did wood get in their in the first place...more details will be needed to give and answer really...what have you tried so far?


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