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Ground A Wiring ?


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I bought a les paul wiring kit on stewmac.com and on the diagram, theres a ground to the bridge? How am I supposed to make the connection to the bridge, I dont really understand.

Drill a hole through to the lower bushing of either the bridge or tailpiece. Put in the ground wire so some bare wire makes good contact with the bushing as you press it in. If the metal parts are painted, you may need to scrape a bit of paint off to get good electrical contact.

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Is this for a new build, or a rewire? If you're rewiring something, chances are there was already a wire doing exactly what bluesy described. Probably the "mystery" wire that ran off into the guitar body but wasn't connected to your pickups or switch. Check it with a multimeter - it should connect to either one of the bridge or the tailpiece studs.

Otherwise, for a new build, yep, follow bluesy's instructions.

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