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Cleaning A Guitar - Suggested Methods?

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My son and I have obtained an older Aria. He says it needs a real good cleaning. What products? What method are good ways to clean a nice old guitar?

Not sure what 'needs a real good cleaning' means. If it was stored properly, then you're only looking at a bit of dust. Maybe some gunk on the fretboard. If it wasn't stored properly, then whatever grime it might have will be the least of its problems.

You'll have to give more details, and possibly pics.

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Its part of the deal when I take on a "refurbishing" job for friends and acquaintances. I strip all the hardware and use mild cleaning solutions like Windex or Fantastik. It does no harm to woods or finishes. Just let it sit a couple minutes and then wipe clean with a soft cloth. Sometimes I've had to resort to using an old toothbrush on those fretboards that are really caked up with finger gunk. I've seen some real dirty guitars in my day. :D

For metal components I use a tiny wire wheel on a dremel to remove rust and tarnish then follow up with something called "NEVR-DULL" Magic Wadding Polish, basically cotton wadding impregnated with a mild solvent, similar to WD-40, then wipe clean with a soft cloth.

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Remove the strings and use a vacuum cleaner with brush to remove dust and gunk inside the body. On the outside use a clean cotton cloth with a guitar/cleaner polish like the type Martin make which I use myself and find is excellent. The tuners and frets if tarnished can brought to life with some metal polish cream. On the fret board if gunked up, I would use 0000 steel wool to clean it well and then bring it back to life with lemon oil or one of the finger board coatings that are available. I use Danish oil myself which works well for me but there are lots of options available.

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