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Floyd Locking Nut -->to Wilkinson Roller

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Okay this is driving me crazy! I purchased a set of Schaller locking mini tuners for my ESP. Those dropped right in with not a hitch. I also purchased a wilkinson roller (or replica) nut to install to hopefully replace the floyd locking nut. Turns out the width is correct but if I were to install it. It would leave about an eighth inch exposed part of the fingerboard at the top. I didn't want to have to do any neck modifications this major or modify the nut shelf at all. When I purchased the roller the vendor told me that it would fit correctly. Lied to as always. This was purchased before I did more research on the nut. I would love to have the roller nut, but I've kept the floyd nut on without the locking mechanisms. Problem is... is that it dosnt look the greatest. But, it does function like was desired. I noticed that there are a couple LRS roller nuts available on Ebay with a conversion plate included. Would this hide the 1/8" bit of fingerboard if I were to install with the conversion plate?

I could live with the guitar the way it is. But, like I said it just dosnt look the greatest. I could take it to my local shop and have them install the wilkinson...but I'm thinking this is going to cost me way too much cash! I could do it myself but, I'm seeing whats involved to change it and I'm not sure I have the savy to pull it off. And besides, I'm thinking that the entire headstock would have to be sanded down and possibly refinished and I don't have the place or the tools to do it.

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