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Gibson 3-point Bass Bridge Studs?

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I'm about to build a bass for a friend, and he wants it to have the Hipshot supertone bridge, which is a direct replacement for the gibson 3-point bridge.

Does anybody here have any idea what size are the studs (which are not supplied with the bridge)?

Are they the same as les paul TOM studs?


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The pictures I've seen have made it appear that they where the same studs as LP's tailpieces. The Supertone comes with studs (or bolts or whatever), but no bushings is my understanding.

However, I've found Hipshot pretty easy to work with in the past as far as getting information. If you give them a call or an email, I'm sure they could give you the information you need. Basically all you need to know is what the threading is on those bolts, and then go to Stew mac or whatever and look for matching bushings...

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