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Hey everyone! i read through this forum from about 5-6pm yesterday to about now, with no sleep!! haha and im still dying to know (cause i havent found it) how the HECK do you dye this good!?!?!!? and what do you use? i know you guys are extremely knowledgeable and ive searched a whole bunch to no avail. Here is the ONE allowed pic :-) (i read some rules)


its from this site here.


and i really hope you dont mind i put this second picture cause its part of my next question. ive read that there are ways to dye dark then sand then dye light to pop the wood but in this picture he doesnt do that??


in this picture its just a two coat dye job it looks like?

also in this guitar build jeff dyes it blue and its amazing. im pretty sure he used the same method?


anyway if you guys can provide some help on how to dye with THIS method that would be greatly apprieciated.

im trying to go with this look here. (here are some)





But mainly something like this.


but im going to do the red and blue first. (yes im going to make these three prs body shapes, soon i hope)

so i mean this is the only thing holding me back... if you guys can provide me with information i can start this build soon! all my extra cash im saving up for these builds.

also for christmas im just going to ask for guitar material like wood or parts.

i wont let you guys down when i get this build started.

Basically i just want to know what dye he used. and how can i get a hold of it?

Thanks again guys!

P.S. Im glad i can join this forum!! ive gotten into a lot of things and the only thing that really gets me excited and passionate about doing something is the thought and act of building my own guitars :D. so i know this is for me. cause i took woods for my highschool years and i went into handy man jobs afterwards so i LOVE building :D and i know i have the experience and knowledge to make it come out pretty decent! B)

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OMG that guitar is f**king beautiful!!! One of the nicest finishes I've ever seen!

and the trouble he went to as well with the cavity covers? (although he should have stained them as well, that would have been cool)

btw I cant help you I just think that builds amazing!

haha yeah its truely amazing!! im going to build that exact guitar but without the variax just the standard custom 24 prs :D (only the 3 knobs)

But thanks anyway for taking a look :D

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