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Action Issue Question

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I know this may sound stupid, but bear with me as at this point, I think I've just confused myself.

Built guitar with very limited tolerances as usual - check

Neck bolted on at slight angle - check

Nut cut to provide almost no clearance at first fret when fretted at the third - check

Attempted to adjust truss rod for slight bow noticed in middle of neck - check

Action at frets 3-22 - WAY TOO DAMN HIGH!

Place neck/body joint over knee and add pressure at bridge and headstock - everything straight, perfect action, love it. Let go, action comes up about 1/4"

Neck shims?? Poor truss rod?? Inhaled too much paint?? Need some suggestions here.

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Well, it really sounds like you routed the neck pocket too deeply. Doesn't take much.

So if you don't want to sink the bridge, then you're going to have to raise the neck, if only to give you the angle you need.

What kind of bridge is this? If it's a TOM, you might be able to gain an extra couple of millimeters by replacing the inserts --if the inserts have an outer lip that stands proud of the body, that is. Gibson used to use simple threaded tubes for their inserts -- they work great, and make it possible to get the bridge completely flush to the body.

Although it sounds like you'd need to get the bridge even lower than that.

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