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Crowning Tool Peference

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I personally use both triangle files and 3-1 fret file. I use the 3-1 file to get the fret close and use the triangle file to finish it off. Diamond files however wont leave near as many marks as the regular file would. If I had the money I would upgrade to the diamond files to save time and effort in polishing the frets. I spend more time with the sanding stick then I do actually leveling/crowning the frets.

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I have one of these crowning files - it leaves very nice surfaces - you can really go right to buffing the frets if from there if you want. The only problems I have are telling which side supposed to be the larger of the two - it's not quite obvious at first glance; and that even on the small/med side, it seems a bit too large for the fretwire I use. (I tend for a smaller wire, than is "normal" I guess - I don't like the huge stuff that's on most production guitars these days.) I really like the shape of it, however, the "offset" shape works real well for some positions.

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