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How Can I Apply This Style Of Finish To My Project Guitar


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I've had a little bit of experience with refinishing and doing other little odds and ends to my project guitar but i'm curious about what i can do to get this exact kind of finish


I want it to have that very 'wood' like quality to it without any real substantial gloss. Would a tung-oil finish get me there after i stain the wood with a black dye?

Would this black dye work


And how either of these two tung-oils?



Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated :D


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A black dye job is in order. Keep in mind with tung oil, that it has a gloss dependent on how many layers of it you use. I just did one with tung oil and was able to keep the body fairly flat, while being protected with no problems.

that's kind of what i was thinking would happen with the tung-oil.

So how many coats of tung-oil do you think the guitar would roughly need? I really want it to avoid being glossy but i want the wood to still be protected.

Should i also be using some steel wool in between coats?


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steel wool probably won't be necessary unless you apply the tung oil unevenly. Just use a rag to rub the finish - honestly, I can't see this being more than 2-3 coats.

awesome! i can't wait to start this project back up again in a few weeks.

So once i re-strip the body, i can then apply the stain and then basically seal the stain with the tung-oil and that's it?

I've never really attempted to finish a stain with oil before so i just want to make sure that the stain won't rub off or anything like that.

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